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Help PPRI's Continuing Research

You can help with our research either as an individual on your own by choosing studies and filling out questionnaires or as a professor and class of students, gaining access also to the data file for your class for educational purposes.

As an individual, simply log in and look over the study list. Choose one you find interesting and fill out the questionnaire online. You'll immediately get a printout of your scores on the traits measured in the study and a brief explanation of what they mean. For overall research study findings, you can go to the Publications page.

If you are a professor interested in having a class participate in a study, contact me for details about what each study explores and I can help you decide how your class can benefit by participating. Or, we can design a study together to load on the site for your class. For a joint study, I'll want to share the web site costs specific to that study, but they tend to be quite manageable. we can get an estimate before we begin. There are no charges to participate in studies designed entirely by me.



PPRI relies on you, our members and vistors, to further our innovative research. We invite you to participate:

1. Complete our free research questionnaires and receive your scores on the various key traits measured in the studies.

2. Complete our self knowledge test packs (SKT packs) and receive your scores on several related personal traits with detailed reports about what each trait means.

3. Rate political leaders on warmongering-proneness.

To get started, follow the steps below:


What To Do:

1. Click here to register for a PPRI Online User Account

2. Receive your User Account and Password via Email

3. After registering and receiving your new account e-mail, you may go to our login page in one of three ways:

a. Click on the Link in the e-mail message (This is most preferred because you won't have to type in your user name and password because they're already in the link);

b. Click on the "Login Session" tab above; or

c. Click here to go to our login page.

4. On return visits to our web site, simply click on the "Login Session" tab above to sign in and take surveys or view your score reports.

More detailed, step-by-step, directions are also available here.

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