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“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.”
--Sir Winston Churchill      

This web site updated on July 13, 2010


Churchill quipped that democracy in practice is good but not perfect; it has room for improvement.

  • Was G. W. Bush a warmonger?
  • Will there ever be a form of democracy more advanced and effective than our current form?
  • How do religious beliefs relate to and help explain political beliefs?
  • How can individual citizens who are concerned about national and world politics help solve important government problems?

Political Psychology Research, Inc. seeks answers through research to these and related questions. Initial studies suggest that the answers to the first two questions may be “yes”, in that a measure of "warmongering-proneness", a psychological trait, yields a rather high score for him, and studies frequently show that about 90 percent of citizens endorse a model of democracy that serves citizens as "members of the community overall", rather than special interest groups.

This research also suggests that there are two very different types of religious beliefs, one often strongly associated with blind obedience to authority and warmongering, the other with peaceful and sustainable policies and programs.

Our current form of democracy appears to be vulnerable to control by special interest groups that represent not the best interests of the community overall but the interests of a few, who "buy" legislative decisions through lobbyists' contributions to election campaigns.

My research suggests that current democracies are vulnerable to control specifically by dangerous minority factions, including warmongers.

But there is hope. 90 percent of citizens have very noble values. They desire government that is kindly in foreign policy, supportive of sustainable policies and programs, and respectful of religious freedom and human rights.

These studies have led to a practical tool for identifying dangerous, warmongering-prone political leaders so that citizens can avoid voting them into office. Studies have also led to a model for a new form of democracy that would empower peaceful citizens to select and finance representatives to government who are devoted to the best interests of the community overall.

A recent study measures over 60 psychological traits that differentiate liberal from conservative worldviews and suggests evolutionary origins for these two worldviews, consistent with recent biological theory.

Political Psychology Research Inc. is dedicated to furthering these initial findings with help from citizens everywhere. Citizens are needed to complete research questionnaires. You can help.

And the research findings are posted in detail at this site.

Please study other pages at this site to learn how you can help and learn. Together we can build a better democracy and a safer, saner world.

Yours in peace, research and good government,


William A. McConochie, Ph.D.


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