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William A. McConochie, PhD.
William A.
McConochie, PhD.
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About the organization, Political Psychology Research, Inc.:

Our Mission Statement:

PPRI is a non-profit corporation dedicated to research in the public interest, specifically on psychological traits, attitudes, etc. related to government, politics, peace and empowering the people to have an effective voice in these issues.

PPRI is similar, in this respect, to the 501(c)3 branch of the League of Women Voters, under which they conduct their research on political issues, including specific legislation.

Of particular interest are models for a political party that will be strongly endorsed by the majority of citizens, such as one that gives them an effective voice in sponsoring candidates for elective office without any money or influence from special interest groups per se. Initial research by the author suggests that 90 percent of the public prefer this form of government over government that serves special interest groups (endorsed by only 18-22 percent).

Internet-based research can extend the scope of initial studies to facilitate participation by the public and by students and researchers across the nation. Larger participation numbers and diversity will increase the confidence one can place in research findings.

The corporation is applying for 501(c)3 status under tax codes so that donors or granting agencies can contribute funds and write them off. Some services are offered for fees to help defray costs of research. Dr. McConochie does not depend on this business for income, as he has other sources.

As a 501(c)3, PPRI cannot be a "political" organization per se. It cannot support specific legislation or candidates. Nor will it directly support any new political party that its research may point to, other than doing related research, e.g. to clarify the features of such a party and the levels of public support for those features.

We hope you'll join with us to further PPRI's mission. There are three main ways to get involved:

  1. Volunteer to complete surveys and help us collect data for our research. It's easy to do. To get started, sign up here.
  2. Make a donation to PPRI here.
  3. Help spread the word-- tell your friends. You can tell them about PPRI's work in person, on the phone, in an article you might write or by using our simple, customizable online web form to send an e-mail to them.

Thank you for everything you may do to help us discover and communicate new ideas in political psychology!

About the people:

President, Founder & Principal Investigator:
William A. McConochie, Ph.D., Psychologist

Board of Directors

Jack Dresser, Ph.D., Research scientist. Dr. Dresser is a research psychologist with a large non-profit institute.  He has deep concerns for national politics and supports the PPRI mission in its efforts to study public desires and promote better government for the people.
John Wolf, LLD, Private attorney. John Wolf, LLD, M.S., (and John McVickar), are fellow Rotarians with Dr. McConochie in a local Rotary International Club.  As Rotarians they all share concern for world peace.  John Wolf is an attorney who has taught high school mathematics.  He loves to read, has enjoyed Dr. McConochie's book manuscript, Making Peace, and enjoys debating the possible evolutionary origins of warmongering.

Robert Scott Palmer is an attorney practicing in Eugene, Oregon with the firm Watkinson Laird Rubenstein Baldwin & Burgess, P.C. He has been a practicing lawyer since 1976. His practice focuses on litigation and in particular the representation of individuals and business who are involved in complicated business and financial disputes. He has been the Municipal Judge for the City of Creswell since 1983. He is a member of the Rotary Club of Eugene, Oregon, and is currently serving as the president of the board of directors of the Boys & Girls Club of Emerald Valley. Scott enjoys horseback riding, bicycling, hiking, skiing, cooking, farming, college football and lively political discussions.

Dane Palmer is a computer technician at VOS Computers. While attending school at the University of Oregon he often met with Bill McConochie to discuss and interpret the research he was then conducting. Dane has always had an interest in understanding the relationships between beliefs, actions, and backgrounds of different people.


Maggie Eliot is a Research Associate at a non-profit research organization investigating individual differences in decision making. Maggie is also interested in the neural correlates of conservatism and liberalism and how these different profiles relate to differences in everyday decision making. Maggie’s hobbies include running for the University of Oregon Running Club and horseback riding.


Other Staff

Marc Baber, The Bot Works, Inc., web site designer, manager and host.


Dr. McConochie's vita:


B.A., Psychology, Carleton College , Northfield , Minn. , 1961.

M.S., School psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology, 1968.

Ph.D., Clinical/counseling psychology, " " , 1970.

Post-doctoral internship, Northwestern University School of Medicine, 1971.

Assistant professor, University of Dayton, Ohio, 71-72.

Private practice: clinical, industrial and organizational, political psychology research, 1972-present.

Professional activities:

Clinical practice currently consists of contract diagnostic evaluations for the Social Security Administration.

I specialize in building tests and doing related research. Tests for screening job applicants, intelligence and personality traits in adults and children over the Internet and otherwise, clinical traits (ADHD, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Violence-proneness, child personality traits), traits and attitudes related to politics, including human rights endorsement, kindly religious beliefs, sustainable policies and programs, positive foreign policy, democracy endorsement, religious fundamentalism, warmongering, social disenfranchisement (the Eidelson worldviews) and warmongering-proneness.

Customers have included heavy trucking companies who have won first place safety awards, a semiconductor manufacturer, law firm, spraying company, street sweeping company, research institute and a Fortune 100 company (second largest grocer in the country).


Manuals for each of the above clinical and I/O tests, a manual of all tests used in political psychology studies, a 30-chapter book of political psychology research study findings (self-published), and drafts of professional journal publication papers undergoing revision. These and other publications are available on this site under Publications.

Professional memberships:

American Psychological Association, International Society of Political Psychology, Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists, Lane County Psychologists Assn.

Service, etc.: Member Rotary International, Eugene Club; City Club of Eugene, Eugene Executives Association.

Personal: Married. Two adult children. Born 1939. Hobbies have included boat and furniture building, sailing and canoeing, fishing and hunting, international travel, painting, painting, house remodeling, jogging and competitive ice speed skating. Veteran , U.S. Army. Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America .


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